Eating Skills | Relationship with Food | Mindset

Stop yo-yo dieting, practice eating skills, create sustainable habits, and ditch all or nothing mindset, so that you can enjoy food without guilt, feel your best, and gain trust in yourself!

Hey there! I am Angela…

I am a food lover, wife, and mom of three. I have a Master’s degree in behaviour change and yet I struggled with my own nutrition behaviours, body image, and relationship with food for many years.

I understand what it is like to feel like you have no control over food, “starting over” again and again, or struggling to be consistent. I was you.

After going through my own health and fitness journey, I am here to support you make similar changes so that you can live the life you have always envisioned.

I combine the science of behaviour change, mindset, and nutrition to coaching. Together we set realistic and meaningful goals on eating behaviours and lifestyle habits. I will provide personalized guidance and strategies to improve your behaviours and mindset around food.

Are you ready to work on behaviours and habits that actually stick, and make a lifestyle change you actually enjoy and can sustain?

Read more about my coaching service or fill out a coaching application form to get started!

Why coaching?

Are you sick of fad diets with a cookie cutter and restrictive plan that doesn’t factor in your preferences, goals, and lifestyle?

Fed up with losing and re-gaining the same weight over and over again?

Feeling defeated that you can’t maintain your results?

Feeling anxious, stressed, or worried about what and how to eat at home, in restaurants, or in social situations?

You don’t need another diet plan or a new 30-day challenge. They may temporarily make you feel motivated and feel like you are taking charge of your life, but they are not the solution and they will not lead to long lasting results.

The missing piece for creating long lasting results while feeling your best and enjoying your life is a personalized nutrition approach that focuses on eating skills, relationship with food, and mindset.

When we work together, we are going to focus on the skills and mindset shift you need to make nutrition realistic, enjoyable, and sustainable.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Still on the fence? You can either send me a message or you can schedule a FREE discovery call with me so that we can chat more about your needs.

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